“There are a lot of things that people wouldn’t notice,” Scott remarked.

“When receiving the ball, I find myself in a lot better position receiving the ball, facing forwards, chest and shoulders facing forwards. I’m ready to pass forward or run forward to try to score and create goals.

“It’s that little bit of positional changing.”

It’s been clear for a while that McTominay has the qualities to fulfil the role of a combative midfielder, breaking up play, committing to tackles and acting as some sort of shield to the defence, using what Sir Alex has described as those ”long, lanky“ legs. That insight into his body shape is interesting, though, and it’s about adding a new dimension to his game.

McTominay is adding attacking drive to his game, hoping to contribute more in that arena. United’s great midfielders have never held only one attribute because at the top-level, you need to be more than a pure ball-winner, passer or dribbler, you have to be one of those things, more and then something on top of that. It’s a process to reach that level.