Bryan Robson discusses England v Germany and Harry Maguire leadership skills

Southgate revealed recently that he has noticed a change in Maguire since the centre-back was handed the armband at United, and this is something Robson can appreciate after leading club and country with distinction for such a long period.

Harry’s vocal presence on the field has become obvious to all attending matches behind closed doors during the pandemic and this seemed to take some observers almost by surprise, as he regularly barked out orders, cajoling and instructing his colleagues.

“I can [understand Southgate’s comments],” said Robson. “I think Harry was always captain material when he came into the club. He’s a great reader of the game and good on the ball. He’s so dominant in the air and he’s a centre-half so he can see everything in front of him. I think what Harry has realised even more since he came into this club is he’s got to organise and you want quite a few captains in your team who are organising people around them because that’s part of being a captain.

“I think Harry has got better at that since he’s been at the club and he’s got the confidence to do it. That’s an important factor as well, being a captain, you’ve got to have the confidence to say what you’re saying to the lads, organising them and believing what you’re saying is right for the team. I think Harry has developed with that.

“That’s the only thing which has been good about fans not being able to go to matches – you do find out quite a lot about the players because you can hear what everyone is shouting on the pitch. They’ve had to motivate themselves really to get the results you need in football and you can see who has the organisational skills within their game. Harry definitely has that. He’s come on leaps and bounds.

“We [England] have got a few leaders. I don’t know if [Jordan] Henderson will actually play tonight but I just think, with Henderson, and Kane up front, you’ve got lads who are leaders and captains and can organise so hopefully that all comes together in having a really good performance tonight.”


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