Carrick: England win would boost United

What would your message to the lads be?
“To be honest, I don’t think there’s loads to say. I think they’re in a good place [so it’s] pretty much ‘same as’. Yes, of course, it’s a one-off game in terms of finally getting your hands on the trophy but really it’s still make or break just like the last-16 was, just like the semi-final was, and they handled that pretty well so I don’t think they need much of a message from me apart from do the same, carry on the same, be positive, enjoy the build-up, but enjoy the game for what it is and don’t play it for the occasion. I’ve seen a few messages on that, about how actually everyone else enjoys it but as a player you’ve got such a role to play and a responsibility, you have to go out there and perform and you don’t get caught up in what the rest of the country is doing. You have more fun at times as a fan but I think the boys will enjoy it finally if they win on Sunday night.”

Will you be watching?
“Yeah, I’ll watch it. The kids will be watching it. We had the England tops on the other night watching which was nice for them. I managed to stay away from the early parts of the tournament because I needed a break from football but as it’s building and building, it’s great to see, and I wish the boys well on Sunday.”

Fred’s in the Copa America final and it says a lot about him that he’s in the Brazil team?
“It’s terrific for Fred, full credit to him, he’s worked ever so hard. He’s such a great personality and character. He’s had to work hard here to establish himself. It’s a huge game obviously in that part of the world and hopefully he can do what he’s been doing, win a trophy as well and we can have four boys coming back with a spring in their step ready to hit the season hard.”


Fans can now buy tickets for the home fixtures against Brentford on 28 July and Everton on 7 August. All of the matches, including Derby County away on 18 July and QPR away on 24 July, will be shown live on MUTV.


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