Cavani: Why I had to extend my stay at United

Have you heard the chant that fans have created for you? It’s based on ABBA’s ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’…
“The funny thing is, the first time I heard the tune, it was not from the fans. It was one of the guys, one of the kit men. Every time I went past him at training, getting ready, he would be singing the song to me. It was amazing then when I heard the fans singing it as well. One, it is a good tune, I like the tune, and, two, it is another thing that makes you feel so happy inside. Obviously, it is a strange season and a weird year, with the circumstances in which we are playing but, in time, it would be amazing to, at some point, hear the fans singing that inside the stadium. But, yeah, it was the kit man who taught it me first.”


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