“When I joined [United] and I didn’t hold up the ball as much as the other players and the manager liked, they would tell me off and tell me to keep the ball, chest it, be strong and allow the team to relieve a bit of pressure.

“I had the same with Cristiano, it took a long time in the beginning to make his game effective. A lot of dribbles, a lot of scissors, and I was making runs for crosses and passes, I had a couple of moments with him where it got fired up, that’s no secret.

“But in the general relationship between us, we were always fine because you shake hands and move on. Later in Madrid when we were teammates again, the relationship was good.

“So, it’s a story [that became bigger than it should have]. With Cristiano, it was a discussion about what we just said. Making earlier decisions from my part to him, nothing more, nothing less and that’s it.”