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In today’s digital landscape, sellers face new changes at a rapid pace, making it more important than ever to be equipped with the right information when connecting with customers. The sales journey is like a game of strategy—you have to carefully deliver the right details at the right time in order to successfully provide great customer experiences. However, many sellers miss the opportunity to source customer feedback—a proven way to improve the buying experience and deepen customer relationships. According to a Walker study at the end of 2020, customer experience overtook both price and product as the key brand differentiator.1

Customer feedback is an essential source of data for optimizing your customer experience throughout the sales process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to source feedback, engaging with customers at key points within the buyer journey. This captures input on critical steps within the sales process to gain relevant, contextual customer feedback that companies can leverage to improve the customer experience. Learn more about seamlessly connecting Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice in our free e-book, “The Power of Knowing Your Customers.”

KPMG leverages automation for customer obsession

Successful companies that prioritize customer experience aren’t afraid to ask customers how they can improve. They seek to understand how their customers feel about the product, service, and sales engagement in order to recognize patterns that reveal opportunities for improvement. A constant loop of gathering feedback and making improvements drives toward the best possible customer experience.

One organization that’s harnessing the power of understanding customer needs is KPMG Australia. The company deployed Dynamics 365 Sales as its end-to-end sales solution to deliver more value to customers in every interaction. After capturing and analyzing customer feedback, KPMG leverages these insights from Dynamics 365 Sales to develop strategies their sellers can use to generate more satisfied customers.

“We are using Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Dynamics 365 Sales to provide the right solution to the right customer at the right time. And, using automation, we provide our teams the important feedback from our clients in the form of data and tasks that not only help sellers be more effective and successful in the upfront pitch, but also help them provide the greatest value in delivery.”– Anthony Coops, Head of Major Projects and Pursuits, KPMG Australia

To stay in sync with the customer, feedback is critical to continued success. The right data keeps sellers constantly learning about changing customer needs, driving a customer-centric culture that leads to stronger relationships and life-long customers.

Capture feedback during the buying process

Sellers and customers know that the buying process can be complicated, but by listening to your customers, this process can be simplified.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, sellers can easily capture feedback on the buying process, seamlessly connecting the data into Dynamics 365 Sales. Your sellers can become more agile and effective in their interactions with contacts, accounts, and opportunities with rich insights from customer feedback. Watch the video below to learn how to easily capture feedback with surveys in Dynamics 365.

Once the survey is sent, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice automatically adds the customer feedback to the contact or account record and updates the status of the survey. Responses, customer sentiment, and trigger words are all compiled into survey results within Dynamics 365 Sales, allowing users to view trends and access data quickly. Now, sellers can be empowered to collect feedback throughout any point of the buying process, utilize the data to adapt their selling strategy in the moment, and optimize their customer engagement.

The value of personalization in selling

Customers feel understood and prioritized when sellers make each interaction personalized. Many organizations know the value of personalization but don’t leverage it effectively to increase sales. KPMG utilized the power of the Dynamics 365 suite to evolve their practice and processes, turning interactions into personalized experiences.

“We are always thinking about how to use core systems to bring our teams closer to our clients in order to drive improved quality and client experience. As we mature and leverage our technology in new ways, our obsession with quality and client value has moved from an “here’s what you should do next” approach, to a system with specific personas that recognize our teams’ and our clients’ unique needs and preferences.”– Anthony Coops, Head of Major Projects and Pursuits, KPMG Australia

Surveys give your customer a voice in optimizing the sales process. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, sellers engage customers more effectively because feedback is integrated into the unified view of the customer. Combined with Dynamics 365 Sales, seller productivity gets a boost because seller feedback improves automated processes and next best activity workstreams. By leveraging the power of customer feedback, sellers are more equipped than ever to drive revenue through every opportunity.

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To learn more about Microsoft’s feedback management solution, visit the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice website or start your free Dynamics 365 Customer Voice trial today.

Watch Dynamics 365 Sales demos or take a guided tour to see how Dynamics 365 Sales can empower your sellers with actionable insights. Start a free Dynamics 365 Sales trial today.

Learn more about seamlessly connecting Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Voice in our free e-book, “The Power of Knowing Your Customers.”

1“Customers 2020: A Progress Remote”, Walker, 2020


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