Exclusive: Lee Grant reflects on contract extension

And are you still doing the coaching, still working on those badges?


“Absolutely, and again that’s certainly part of my thinking in terms of remaining at the football club. I’ve got really great options at this football club to progress and the club have been so, so great with me in doing that. Richard Hartis and Craig [Mawson], who are obviously my go-to people in terms of my goalkeeping aspirations and learning, they’ve been great with me. Of course, beyond that, I’ve got the first-team coaching staff and the manager, who have been really, really good in terms of allowing me to explore my coaching ideas, but also giving me those opportunities. A big thank you to the Academy as well, because they’ve been great with giving me opportunities to coach. So I’m really really thankful for that and I’m hoping that I can continue to do that over the next 12 months.”


We know you’ve got long-term ambitions to be a manager yourself. I was wondering watching the Euros, do you watch it in a different way, more analytical, or are you just enjoying it like the rest of us?


“No, I’ll be honest, I watch it absolutely as you would be doing. I try and watch it as a fan and enjoy it and take a step back actually, because it’s a very short period we get off away from the game, and for the next 9-10 months I’ll be fully analytical mode, as you put it. So, yeah, I try and watch it as a fan and enjoy it with my England shirt on and just take it in like that!”


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