You’ve international experience as well  – you featured at the World Cup with Norway. Again, that’s another string to your bow and that experience will only help MU Women right?

“Yeah, I love playing for my national team and it’s a big experience for me every time I can represent my team and my country. So I got a lot of experience from that World Cup in 2019 as well. It was a good championship for me and I want to continue my development as a football player.”


What are your goals, then, for this season here at United?

“Of course, I want to win. I want to win trophies together with the team and hopefully we can qualify to the Champions League as well. It’s such a big tournament. I love to play Champions League and I want to do it with this team as well.”


Our fans haven’t been in the stadium for a long time. We’ve been missing them and they’ll be itching to see you sign today – is there a message that you have for our supporters?

“I’m really looking forward to meeting them all. It’s been quite some time without an audience, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all the fans. I know it’s a huge crowd so I’m just looking forward to meeting them and hopefully we’ll see them at the games very soon.”