We all know that the problem is not too many clothes, but rather a lack of storage. (Well, that is what we are telling ourselves). And although our dreams are made up of a beautifully designed walk-in closet or a separate dressing room space, alas, that is often not the reality. Cue free-standing wardrobes and chests of drawers – simple, practical and on-so-elegant solutions to storing your clothes, handbags and shoes. 

Not only are free-standing wardrobes functional, but they can be stylised decor furniture that enhances your bedroom’s aesthetic, transforming it into a chic boudoir, a bohemian sanctuary or a minimalist pad. The choice is yours. And that is why the versatility of free-standing closet solutions is worth blogging about. 

Get Sorted

An ordered space feeds an ordered mind. Remove the messy chaos from your bedroom sanctuary and convert it into a relaxing haven by customising your clothing storage solutions. 

Depending on your personal decor style and preferences, free-standing wardrobes can become a flexible storage solution, allowing you to personalise bedroom spaces – from the master suite and kids’ rooms to a guest room or nursery. 

Older homes often don’t come with built-in storage solutions, making bedroom wardrobes your best design solution. It also means you get to take that storage with you when you move. 

Newer homes tend to have minimal built-in cupboards and you can always do with a little more storage space. To maximise your storage for those extra dresses, coats and shoes, opt for a free-standing wardrobe.

Shopping online for additional clothing storage solutions is often your best bet for a  large range of options or if you are looking for a bargain.

Get Bespoke

The reason interior designers love free-standing wardrobes is that they become a statement piece in any bedroom and can complement or define any style. Way more than just storage pieces, they become conversation pieces. 

Whether it is a French mirrored armoire, a vintage cupboard or a foldable non-woven storage unit, a bedroom’s functionality and beauty boxes are certainly ticked. For smaller rooms, a single slimline wardrobe (either shelved or hanging) can provide that little bit of extra storage without dominating the room.  

Get Creative

To be fair, there are some sad looking second-hand wardrobes out there, but that is the benefit of upcycling. Vintage style wardrobes have good bones and a coat of colourful chalk paint or a distressed whitewash will give them a makeover that is to die for. An online platform like bidorbuy is the perfect space to browse a large collection of free-standing wardrobes to upcycle or refurbish. 

Cannot find a wardrobe that suits an awkward space in your bedroom? Get your DIY hat on and get creative by designing your own freestanding open hanging solutions for a little wow factor. These are definitely trending in the world of contemporary storage design.

If you are looking to enhance your bedroom’s personal appeal (and storage space), then free-standing wardrobes have a timeless function and bespoke aesthetic that will solve your clothing, handbags and shoe dilemma.