Full Transcript: Read McTominay’s fan Q&A

Connor R (UK): As a Scot, surely Irn-Bru is your go-to drink? If not, then what is?         

“[Laughs] Connor, yeah I do like Irn-Brus. I like drinks that are freezing cold so every drink, I have to have it with ice. Me and Shawy, when we’re in hotels, we always need ice with our drinks. If it’s a hot drink, it must be scalding hot. I have to say Irn-Bru is definitely up there. If I’m going to have a fizzy drink and Irn-Bru is available, I would have that all day.”


Tyler H (UK): Who is the best player you have played with so far in your career?

“Tyler, the best player I’ve played with is a difficult one. You know it really is difficult, but I played with Wayne Rooney so Rooney. I played with him.”


Nimra K (UK): Who’s the best player you’ve played against?

“Nimra, the best player I’ve played against is Messi. One hundred per cent.”


Akan U (Nigeria): How important was school to you when you had such a driving force to become a footballer too?

“Akan, so yeah, do you know what? In school, I could have been a lot better if I’d put my mind to it a little bit more. I was such a young kid and so focused on football. The teachers would always say if football doesn’t work out you have to have something else but I agree with them. I totally agree that the most important thing is to work hard in school. I couldn’t get my obsession away from football. I couldn’t focus on other things properly. It is difficult for young kids these days but school is on a level par with football; it’s just as important.”


Eli L (UK): If you can pinpoint one thing, what would be your biggest improvement this season?

“Eli, what is the one thing I’ve improved on the most? It’s a difficult one that. There are a lot of things, collective things that people wouldn’t notice. Probably positioning. When receiving the ball, I find myself in a lot better position receiving the ball, facing forwards, chest and shoulders facing forwards. I’m ready to pass forward or run forward to try to score and create goals. It’s that little bit of positional changing, so I would say that.”


Jai G (UK): Were you ever concerned that you wouldn’t grow past 5ft 6ins at 18, or did you always know you’d be a big lad?

“Jai, I didn’t know. I had no idea. It was just life was going so quick at that stage and I was getting taller and stuff like that. I didn’t have a clue about the changes I was going through at that time. I clicked my fingers and it was two years later. You can’t think too much about growing taller. Whatever happens, happens. You get your body state and how to perform as a footballer and you have to work on it.”


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