Hall of Fame welcomes Beckham

So, what does the man himself look back on as his fondest memory from his Premier League career, aside from those six trophy wins?

“Those big rival games we won over the years against the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Leeds – they are all favourite moments from my career in the Premier League,” he said.

“They were intense games with the fans shouting through every second and we were so determined to win.

“Those are the memories and moments I’ll treasure forever as a player and still feel them now as a fan when United win.

“My career playing in the Premier League gave me some of the best moments of my life and it’s a privilege to be recognised in this way.”

Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer were the Hall of Fame’s original members, with Beckham joining Cantona, Keane, Frank Lampard, Dennis Bergkamp and Steven Gerrard in being inducted following this year’s fans’ poll.


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