‘I believe you need to protect your team-mates’

During our recent Europa League match against Rome in Italy, there was a stand-out moment for Reds supporters around the world that highlighted why the Uruguayan striker is so revered.

With 71 minutes on the clock and the score tied at 2-2, Mason Greenwood found himself embroiled in a skirmish with Gianluca Mancini and the teenager was quickly outnumbered when Rick Karsdorp joined in. What happened next? Cavani steamed in with a look of menace to protect his young team-mate from trouble, ushering an opponent away (with some force!) before cooling the situation. 

Edinson’s intervention went viral on social media and only added to the appeal of a player who is already incredibly popular with supporters. So when we sat down with the no.7 to discuss his new United contract, signed earlier this week, we had to mention his role of being Mason’s minder!


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