Marcus Rashford reacts to Europa League final v Villarreal

He added: “For me the club, the desire, the hunger, the talent, the ability, the squad, we have everything to compete at the highest level. We just have to show [it], we have to show it to the world and show [it] to ourselves. Show why we belong in the top places, why we belong in finals like this, why we need to be winning finals like this.

“In the league we finished second, second doesn’t count for anything. It counts for nothing. Manchester City won the league, and we finished second but it means nothing. Villarreal win the Europa League and we finish second in it. For us it’s nothing.

“I don’t want to hear ‘oh, they were so close’ because it doesn’t mean anything. There’s one winner and there’s one loser and today we lost and we have to find out why and make sure that next time we don’t lose.”


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