McTominay: This unsung hero deserves credit

What was the most surprising moment of the season?
“When I scored two in three minutes! [Laughs] I think if anyone does that it’s like ‘woah, what’s going on?’ That was surprising, but you create your own luck in this game, do you know what I mean?”

What pleased you most about your own performance and have you got more improving to do?
“Yeah, I’ve always got improvement to do. Everyone does. I’ve always got things that I’m looking at all the time for me to really dial into and focus on improving. I’ve been pleased. I expect high standards of myself so I always expect more. I can never settle for just playing well. I always want to go to the next level. And that’s what football is about, that’s what sport is about. You want to push yourself to the next level. You don’t just play golf to play golf, you play golf to get better, you play football to play better. That’s the objective of life, really, it’s about pushing yourself to see how far you can get. I enjoy it, it’s exciting, that adrenaline and that rush you get from pushing yourself all the time.”


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