Must-read interview: Bruno answers your questions

Lebby (Tanzania) What does the future hold after your playing days are over. Would you consider being a manager and, if so, which team would you like to manage?
“Well, Lebby I think, in the past, I think more [it’s] in my future. Now I’m seeing time passing and seeing kids coming from 2000, 2001, 2002, and my sister is from 2000, so it’s making for some confusion in my head. I’m trying to enjoy the football, you know. I think I want to be a coach. Honestly, I would like to be a coach. I don’t know which team I would like to manage. Of course, the biggest team if I can manage Manchester United, I will be happy. I can leave now just some words so if people see this, if I’m a manager in the future, the fans can make some pressure to bring me as a coach! But I think I would like to be a coach in the future. I’m not sure but for what I feel for football, for the feeling I have, I think I have to continue to be inside of football because my whole life is about this. So I think, in the future, it needs to be with football too.”

Winston (UK) What aspirations do you hope to achieve with United, Portugal and, most importantly, yourself?
“So, for myself, the most important is achieving with both. Winning trophies is the most important thing I have in my mind now. For every player, I think it’s really important winning trophies. That is the thing you will remember more when you finish your career – the trophies you won, the friends you’ve made, the good moments you passed. So I think, at the end of the day, you work for winning trophies. Winning trophies is with your team-mates so you work as hard as you can to help your team and your team-mates to make all that work in the training ground into giving some joy, giving some joy in football is winning trophies with the team and that is the most important for us.”

Malcolm (Ghana) Why have you stopped drinking milk during games?
“[Laughs] Malcolm, so I don’t stop drinking milk. It’s just that the coach is changing me less than before. Before, he changed me a lot of times and I think in the last games I was not coming off a lot of times so you never see me with the milk. But, honestly, I don’t know if it is milk – sometimes it’s milk and sometimes it’s water with some stuff to help us [with the] recovery. But it’s okay, the milkman for me, I like milk so it’s okay, don’t worry about that. I still do it but sometimes in the dressing room, sometimes I take that drink to my home to drink. Don’t worry, it’s still there. If it was not still there, I was not running like I’m running now!”

Kim (United Kingdom) Have you ever been to a beach in England?
“So, Kim, never because the weather is not helping me to go to the beach in England. But I will go. I hope I can go in the future. Maybe in the next months, it will be a little bit more good weather. I hope. People are saying the summer is coming now but I’ve not seen the summer in Manchester until now. Sometimes, we see some light over there but it’s not sun just some light. Someone has put some light over there to give us some joy but it’s still cold here! Over here, it is not warm a lot so, for me, someone put fake sun, a light over there for us. But I hope I can visit some places here in England where I can enjoy a little bit with my kids and my wife.”


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