Ole believes 26 could be his lucky number

Ole is very calm approaching his first final as Reds manager and remains determined to steer the club back to the top. With Sir Alex Ferguson also on the trip, he appreciates what is required, not only on the night in Gdansk, but also going forward into next season and beyond.

“I’m not one to think about how proud I am,” he admitted. “But, of course, it’s going to be a special moment. You’ve got to be proud to be able to lead a Manchester United team out to a final. It’s been a fantastic journey and, as we say in Norwegian, veien er malet [the goal is the journey]. You’ve got to enjoy the journey.

“This is just a step on the road to bringing our Man. United back. If you can win a trophy, fantastic, but, either way, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m going to enjoy the night, but when the night is over, you sit back down, you travel back to Norway for a summer holiday and the mind has to switch to next season again. That’s just how it is.”


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