Ole: Why we signed Sancho

You mention the fans and it’s been no secret that the fans have been crying out for this signature for a long time, as he’s the kind of player fans will be excited about – a proper Manchester United star player…

“Yes, we think so anyway – that’s why we’ve identified him. We’ve followed him and decided to go for him and finally we made the breakthrough and got the deal done. He’s got that DNA of exciting fans and entertaining and he’s also a winner. He wants to win and that’s the next step for us. We need to take the next step, we want to take the next step and we feel that he can help us do that. Of course we’re going to give him a chance to develop more and more throughout time. It’s not like in your first game you have to show everything; we’ve seen so many times with our players that when you play for Manchester United that gradually, with the help of the coaching staff and the platform of Old Trafford, you’ll improve as a player.”

He’s been setting the Bundesliga alight with some terrific performances – how quickly can he and will he adapt to the Premier League?

“I think he made a good decision going to the Bundesliga, it was probably the right step for him, the right level and right club. I think Dortmund have shown so many times what they can do for young talent and in the Bundesliga what that can do. The Premier League is a different animal though. I don’t want to sound disrespectful to the Bundesliga, but I think the Premier League is a step up. We’ve seen that in the last few years in the Premier League, and the teams that have got to finals in Europe and won them, it’s shown it’s the place to be and that’s where Jadon wanted to be. He’s been in England of course, at Watford and over on the other side of the city as well, so he knows what’s expected from him.”


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