Ole’s men currently hold a 6-2 lead from the first meeting last Thursday, but with the Serie A side in possession of two away goals, the United boss will be taking no chances whatsoever.

Ahead of the match, the boss spoke to club media’s Adam Marshall and discussed his team’s approach, his determination to reach a final and he also praised the resilience and strength his players have shown during a long, tough season…

Firstly Ole, it was difficult build-up to the game with the Liverpool match not taking place when you’re all keyed up and ready to go. How important is it that we maintain our focus?
“That’s our job to do so and that’s what we’re trying to do. Of course, we spent days to prepare for the Liverpool game, we were ready for it and we’ll have to do that again at some point. But, unfortunately, the game didn’t go ahead. The players really wanted to play and we felt ready for it. Now all our focus is on this game and we’ve given ourselves a very good foundation with a good result from the first leg. But we go to this one wanting to win this one.”