Opinion: What could Gdansk mean?

It would represent progress, too, for this United side. It would be Ole’s first silverware as manager but it would also be a first trophy at the club for Mason, Brandon and Axel, and even Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire and Edinson Cavani, three more senior players who have helped restore the strong connection between players and fans in the last two years.

It’s a shame I can’t make it to Gdansk, although I feel worse for the seasoned regulars at European finals who are having their long-standing records ended. For many, including me, the tests and quarantine requirements were just a bit too much, making the mad rush to renew my passport after a year of it being tucked in a drawer futile in the end. But like many others, I’ll be watching in a pub, in Deansgate, Manchester, pretending, maybe, that I’m in a beautiful square in a beautiful European city (which Manchester is of course – when the sun’s out) and hoping that this can be the start of a run of trophies for a developing side.

I’ll be hoping, too, that some day soon, the streets of Deansgate will be filled with red again as these players create their own memories and their own legacies and they can tour through town in an open-top bus, dancing to ABBA next to Edi Cavani. For now, though, it’s just about making memories on Wednesday night and enjoying the occasion.


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