The England international has been target for abuse on social media himself and says the comments on social media doesn’t affect him anymore. However, he wants to stand up so other players, in particular the younger ones, won’t have to deal with online hate in the future.

“I’m past that stage now, I’ve had it for a couple of years now,” our left-back said about feeling down after mean social media comments towards him.

“I’m one that brushes it aside, but it’s not acceptable. You know, especially for the young players that are very active on social media and read a lot of stuff and will get very hurt and down from the abuse because, you know, people read stuff. The best thing to do nowadays is not read anything.

“What you do and how you play, there’s always one person who can end up ruining your day and make you think about their comment and what they said. Even if you’ve been brilliant and you have 100 brilliant comments, the one comment that isn’t positive can affect the player a lot. Hopefully we can make change and come together and do that.”