Six strange pre-season fixtures for Manchester United

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting large parts of the world, the Reds will be racking up fewer miles than usual, with the first two fixtures taking place in London ahead of Old Trafford hosting the Bees and the Toffees.

And, while remaining in the UK for pre-season has become increasingly rare in the modern game, the agenda for this summer is positively orthodox compared to these six quirky friendlies from the past…

United 4-0 Jonkoping, Polo Grounds, New York, USA, 9 June 1950

This encounter proved a landmark for both sides in that it spanned two separate days. Starting at 10.15pm on 7 June, it finished at 12.05am on 8 June. “It may have been rather late – or should I say early – for football, but there is no doubt the customers left for home happy,” explained United full-back Johnny Carey. Not quite so happy were the Swedes, who were soundly beaten 4-0. Charlie Mitten netted twice from the spot, while Tommy Bogan and Stan Pearson competed the scoring.


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