‘The biggest game of my career’

One-off games, all or nothing, do you like the pressure of that?
“As you said, it’s a little different. You don’t have the home-and-away kind of support, nothing on away goals, just a one-off game. You have to turn up on that day, you can’t come away and think ‘oh, I could have done that a little bit better’ and think about the second leg. It’s a one-off game and both teams will be fully up for it.”

A first trophy for Ole as United manager would be special, wouldn’t it?
“Yeah it’d be absolutely brilliant for him. Obviously he’s won a European final himself and I think where we’ve come from, especially when I first came in, it was a building phase and I’d like to think we’ve improved every game and this is the next step now. Last season we got to three semi-finals and we were very disappointed and now we’ve got that step further, can we go win a trophy? I think for him, and for us as a team, it would be a great stepping stone forward again.”


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