The Debate: Beckham or Ronaldo for free-kicks?

“They were both fabulous players [Ronaldo and Beckham]. I played with Becks when I was 15-16. He was forever out there practising, practising, practising and it came to fruition, the number of free-kicks, the number of crosses he put in, the number of goals he created.

“How he never won the Ballon d’Or in 1999 when they won the Treble I’ll never know, because that season was his season. He was a terrific player that practised and worked so hard at one particular skill. It came off. In every single game, he did something wonderful with the ball at his feet.”

Danny Webber made it a clean sweep for David Beckham.

“Wes quite rightly put it, Ronaldo scored ‘special’ free-kicks and changed the way the free-kick was taken with that wobbler that my ankles couldn’t handle, but in terms of Becks, his free-kicks were unbelievable. Wherever it is, you’d always think, when the ball was put down, this is going in. That’s the confidence you’d have.”


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