United Briefing: Luke’s Europa League target

The draw was not the result we were looking for against Marcelo Bielsa’s hard-working team but it ensured that our unbeaten run on away soil now is the second longest in Premier League history, with 24 matches. Only Arsenal has had a better run, with 27 away matches without defeat in a row between April 2003 and September 2004.

“Of course, it’s a very good record,” the England international said, before emphasising that United should have earned more points at Old Trafford this season.

“It’s one, I’ll be honest, we don’t look too much into it. That’s been a positive, our away record, but our home record hasn’t been good and we know that we need to be much better at home and get much better results. It’s a good record but it doesn’t really count to anything when we are where we are in the league.

“We’ve got the Europa League and we’ve got to win that. That should be our main focus, for the game on Thursday.”


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