Use guided integration to set up Fraud Protection for your business

Adopting new systems can be a complex process that can lead to spending time and resources learning and setting up instead of focusing on your core business. When setting up a fraud protection system, you need to focus your resources on measuring the business impact and optimization rather than spending time doing setup tasks.

To simplify the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection integration process, we have added a guided process experience.

The integration experience functionality, available as preview, provides a guided integration process for each product capability, with well-defined start and end points. We have included out-of-the-box snippets and step-by-step instructions that can be started from within the product. The guided processes are interactive and provide step-by-step integration instructions, including information about why something is required.

The integration processes have been grouped by the stages that you need to follow to set up a comprehensive fraud protection workflow.

Enable core integration

To integrate with Fraud Protection APIs, you must have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) application and set up device fingerprinting. Your Azure AD application is used to acquire access tokens, and device fingerprinting is used to get input for fraud assessments. These are the first steps needed to set up Fraud Protection. The integration wizard will walk you through this setup.

Integrate APIs

To benefit from the full suite of Fraud Protection functionality, next you will need to integrate your system with real-time APIs. Depending on your business scenarios, you may need to integrate with specific sets of APIs.

The real-time API integration experience has been split into two categories — Purchase Protection and Account Protection — based on the assessment types that are most pertinent to your business needs.

Each integration experience provides a milestone-based approach. When you successfully complete an API integration, you will be guided to the next integration phase so you will be able to track your progress.

Integration experiences can be launched more than once and can be personalized based on user input. For example, you may want to run the steps for integrating the Purchase API twice if you have two different online store fronts and want to integrate both.

Next steps

To learn more about integration experience capabilities, visit the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Portal or take a guided tour.

Join the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Insider Program to get an early view of upcoming features, to discuss integration best practices, and to learn how to combat fraud.

If you’re not currently using Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, check out the free trial.


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