Watch this to get a first touch like Berba!

Berbatov’s video is one you must watch with the sound up, because our former striker has narrated it with a typically dry and witty commentary. 

“Alright people, I have finally found the time to do this type of video and show it to you because many of you are asking, ‘Berbatov, how can I improve my first touch?’,” he says. “So here it is: it’s as simple as that – you need a ball and a wall. 

“Then you train your balance, ability, agility, reaction time, technique, your touch and just everything you need in football. Also, I wanted you to see this, because not everything is perfect all the time. I have a couple of bad touches here as well. But the important thing is that after that, straight away, I know how to react and make it look good. 

“In football it is important to know, in every type of situation, what type of first touch to use. After that, as you can see, I am 40 and I am dead [laughs]. Train your touch, people. See you later.”


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