Max Taylor seeking fresh challenge

“It was a decision that was made, more or less, in pre-season when we spoke,” he said. “Even before that, when I signed my extension, I would sign it to go on loan and the club would help me get more experience. Then we both decided. I want to play more, from my side, that I want to play men’s football. If it’s not going to be here, that’s just the way it is sometimes.

“It’s always special, when you’re a scholar doing your apprenticeship, and your first pro contract after that is an amazing thing to happen. I dreamt of it as a young boy, to get a professional contract at Manchester United, and it was amazing when it happened. But I’ve seen my friends move on and it’s at the point now to part ways, it’s the right time.

“It was great at Kidderminster, a completely new experience. Obviously, you have the luxury of the facilities at United so going down to the National League North is a culture shock, to an extent, but the way of playing football and stuff. I learned so much, especially in my position, with the help of the manager and players there. It was a really tight-knit group which really helped me.”


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