Opinion: We’re proud our lads stepped up

The club and its supporters could not be prouder of Marcus Rashford. It just isn’t possible.


He was brave in stepping up at Wembley, coming on as a late substitute to take one of England’s five spot-kicks, despite having enjoyed few touches of the ball, or having much time to get a feel for the pitch and the occasion.


His fabulous attitude is no surprise, of course. 


As a Manchester United player, he is an example to all aspiring youngsters at the club, having broken through at just 18 years of age and grown to become one of the current team’s leading lights, at the age of just 23.


Off the pitch, he has truly become a national hero in the last 12 to 18 months, fighting to better the lives of millions of children, by helping to convince the Government to make critical changes to its free-school meals provisions.


He continues to strive in a variety of ways to be a force for progressive change.


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