Barbara Fonianis: “Don’t let this define you and ignore the haters. It’s enough that you will carry this burden for a while yourself. You don’t need to listen to everyone’s negativity also. The coach took a risk, it didn’t pay off. That’s what sometimes happens. The fact you were given a chance says it all. Stay strong, stay positive and keep playing. You are still very young and have many years ahead of you. Learn from this and move on.”

Carl Lokko: “I saw Baggio miss a crucial penalty for Italy; and Socrates did the same for Brazil. Great players step up bravely and without fear to take penalty shots. Most often, they score. Once in a while, they miss. Marcus will not be defined by this penalty miss. Just a part of his journey as a great professional footballer.”

Ally Murray: “One of our own and every Red is proud of you Marcus! You’ve been playing for a year or more injured and you need a proper recovery. After that we look forward to having you back home again at OT! Head up kid!”