Rio’s passionate defence of Rashford & Sancho

“They lifted this country up when we needed it, the morale of this country after the pandemic we’ve been through, so they have to take huge credit for that. It is a harsh, harsh game when it gets to this stage, penalties are difficult to win, so it is a painful, painful way to lose it.

“It is crazy because I was supremely confident coming into this game because of what they have done throughout this tournament, the way they have grown throughout the tournament, not only as individuals but as a team, and they have enhanced their reputations. 

“But you have to say the experience, the wily old foxes in the Italian team, by hook or by crook they were going to get over the line and they were fabulous in all elements of their game. When it gets to penalties it is a 50/50 toss of a coin and when it comes to Donnarumma, he is a giant of a keeper.”


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