Scott: We can put down a statement

There are a lot of players in this squad like yourself who haven’t won anything yet with United and haven’t played in any finals yet. Do you feel that this experience in the Europa League final, if you do get over the line and win it, can change things within this squad? Do you feel that’s going to be a valuable experience that can improve a lot of you as footballers?
“Of course. If you get that feeling for winning, you’re going to improve and be more experienced for the next final that you play. That’s a given. Whether it’ll directly change the whole mentality of the group, who knows? We have to have guys who already have that winning mentality implemented in them from the get go. It can’t just flip because you’ve won a trophy, and all of a sudden ‘I’m a winner now’. You have to be a winner from the start. You have to want to come to training and train properly every day, work hard and push yourself to get in the team. It can’t just be win a final and ‘we’re here, we’ve arrived’. We want the big ones, we want to go strong for the Premier League, for everything.”

There are going to be fans in attendance on Tuesday and there will be fans in Poland as well. I just wondered how the players are looking forward to that and playing in front of people again after a year?
“Get the fans back in man! I said it, I think it was after the game the other day, I said we’re desperate for the feeling of adrenaline from all the people inside the stadium. To see everyone smiling and back enjoying football again. The last year has been so difficult. We’ve said that, as players, just because we can do what we love it doesn’t mean we’re still not hurting for everyone else who can’t come to the stadiums. We feel the emotion and want everyone there again. Obviously for us it’s friends, family, really pushing yourself for everybody in the Man United family. It’s something I can’t wait for again.”


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