Why you cannot miss these iconic UTD Podcasts

Mark Froggatt, Senior Digital Editor
I remember listening to this episode while walking the dog and, because it was so engaging, and consistently hilarious too, I kept on going until it was finished – which meant one hour and 21 minutes of exhaustion for Bonnie the boxer, not that she minded in fairness. Right from the start it’s vintage Rooney and he doesn’t hold back in his answers, speaking with a level of honesty that signifies a man who is content with his career. No subject is off limits either: how he almost joined Newcastle in 2004, why he asked to leave United in 2010 and the complexities of his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson. While co-hosts David May and Sam Homewood are on top form, credit must go to Helen Evans for her role in this iconic episode. Her friendship with Wayne clearly put him at ease and led to an absorbing, revealing and consistently hilarious episode you cannot afford to miss. 


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