Meet the 2020/21 United Predictions champion!

Next season is obviously going to be exciting. Do you think what we saw last season has shown you enough, Kaarthik, to be confident that United can make a tilt for the Premier League title? After finishing second, and also runners-up in the Europa League, do you think that there’s a chance next year that United can go all the way?

“Absolutely. There’s been an upward curve, I think. We finished third two seasons ago, and second last season and have been to a cup final, and it was quite unfortunate the way we lost it. But yeah, there has been significant improvement, so it’s looking very positive for us.”


What do you think would represent a good season? What would you be happy with? It was so gutting not to win the Europa League in Gdansk a few weeks ago, but what do you think would represent success in the next season for Manchester United?

“Definitely a quadruple, including the Carabao Cup!”


Set your standards high! Could you make it another trophy by winning the United Predictions game again next season? Do you think you can retain your crown?

“It’s going to be really tough but, yeah, I’m going to put up a fight.”


Which games are you looking forward to most? Obviously Leeds on the first day of the season, that’s an exciting one…

“Leeds, of course, and then Liverpool after that.”


Well congratulations, Kaarthik. Enjoy your prize and your trip to Manchester, and fingers crossed it doesn’t rain for you! If it does, I’m sorry, but at least you’re going to get an authentic Manchester experience. Congratulations for winning United Predictions 2020/21, and hopefully we’ll see you back next season.


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